Pollen Count

Opticrom’s® pollen counter

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to forecast when your hayfever might hit? You can, with our pollen counter!

Hayfever is a pollen allergy, so keeping an eye on the pollen count in your local area will help you to stay a step-ahead of your hayfever.

Why is the pollen count important?

No doubt you’ll have noticed the TV weatherman warn viewers about the pollen count when the hayfever season is here. But do you know what it actually means?

The pollen count is like a hayfever forecast. It measures the level of pollen in the air, based on the average number of grains of pollen in a cubic metre. This will vary depending on where you live, how sunny it is, wind, plant types and altitude.

In general, the higher the pollen count, the worse your symptoms are likely to be. By knowing what to expect, you can confidently face the day and be prepared for pollen.

Discover Pollen Alert on Amazon Alexa

With Pollen Alert by Opticrom Hayfever you can check the current pollen count in any UK location, and hear the forecast for the next two days. The information is updated hourly and can be customised to tree or grass pollen, which is useful if you know which one triggers your symptoms.

You can also discover lots of useful ‘Hayfever Hacks’ that may help you manage your symptoms, and make the most of your summer.

  1. Get started by saying “Alexa, open Pollen Alert”.
  2. To choose the location for your forecast, just say the name of a region, a UK city or town, or a local area.
  3. You will be asked if you’d like to customise your forecast to a specific pollen type, and you can choose “Grass” or “Tree”.
  4. You can also say “I don’t know”, or “Both” to receive an overall pollen count for your area.

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