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Living with Hayfever Sufferers

Can you imagine having a troublesome cold with itchy eyes and runny-nose which lasts all summer? Hayfever can feel that bad, so try to treat affected friends and family with sympathy and patience! Chocolates instead of flowers as a present perhaps?

Out and about with hayfever

If you have a family member who suffers from hayfever, try to plan your summer activities with this in mind. Avoid visiting high pollen areas at certain times of the year or high exposure activities. Perhaps try the beach rather than a camping holiday this year, avoid visits to gardens in high summer or picnics in a grassy meadow.

Everyone's hayfever is different and you should soon come to learn what times of year, weather and environment (meadows, trees etc) affect them. Check the pollen count on this website when you are planning an outing. The weather forecast may also give a pollen count summary.

It is hard to keep children indoors on a sunny day. Try planning some fun activities to do indoors for a while each day to help reduce their pollen exposure or consider the following:

  • Netball or Tennis played on a hard surface court
  • Football or hockey played on artificial turf
  • Watersports such as canoeing, rowing, sailing, water skiing, wind surfing (if the water area is large – i.e. lake or sea rather than a narrow canal/river)
  • Swimming – sea, lake or indoors

Hayfever Relief

Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops are a hayfever remedy that can be used by children aged 6 and over and can quickly soothe their itchy eyes.

Make sure your child uses their hayfever medication regularly and as directed – help them to apply the drops or try our tips on applying Opticrom so they can apply them themselves under your supervision. Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops should not be used continuously for more than 14 days without seeking medical advice.

If you think they are likely to suffer hayfever symptoms don't forget to bring their Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops on trips out or nights away. Keep a bottle in your handbag so it is close to hand when their hayfever symptoms start.

It is a good idea to let your child's teacher know if they are a hayfever sufferer, especially if a trip or sports day is planned. Ask the school about their rules for medicines in school and arrange for your child to have access to their eye drops, under adult supervision, during the school day.