Convenient Allergy and Hayfever Relief

Opticrom Eye Drops are available to buy over the counter from leading pharmacies and supermarkets, without the need for a doctor's prescription.

You can also buy Opticrom Eye Drops online.

Opticrom Eye Drops come in handy 5ml and 10ml bottles, which fit easily into a handbag or pocket.

If you think you are likely to experience hayfever or allergy symptoms, whether out and about or at home, you may wish to keep a bottle close to hand.

Please wash hands prior to use. Remove the lid, tilt back your head and squeeze the bottle to release one or two drops into each eye. See our tips on how to apply eye drops.

Opticrom Eye Drops bring fast-acting relief and can soothe sore, irritated, watery and itchy eyes in as little as two minutes.

If you wish to seek further advice on all the remedies available, speak to your GP or local pharmacist.